"The Alps in Provence"
Relaxation, sports, visits ... as a couple, with your family, or your tribe ... make your choice with Les Rives du Lac !

Ride the Nature! (for teens / teens only)

Speed, address, balance, orientation, knowledge… nature becomes a wonderful playground. Between river banks and “elephant back”, Here is a fun course, Special “TEENS” consists of workshops that work the head and legs !

Equipped with two sticks Nordic Walking Carbon, we leave for :
– races to azimuth calls for speed and accuracy in the orientation but also fresh spirit !
– in turn and against the clock, a hunting tag : if you lose we, tu perds !
– a balance test on slackline : 2 sticks it goes, 1 stick it still happens… And without a stick ? Plus loin tu vas, you earn more points !
– Chrono in a terrain varies : jumps, self-monitoring, all-terrain traction… a note to the speed and style for : attention, fall is prohibited : two hands on the ground, tu perds !

11 ANS least

equipment : A pair of good sneakers, a small backpack with 1 liter of water. An in-cas (chocolate bars…), cap, 1 little rain jacket if the weather is threatening.

Practical information

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