"The Alps in Provence"
Relaxation, sports, visits ... as a couple, with your family, or your tribe ... make your choice with Les Rives du Lac !

Search for fossils

We organize hiking half a day with mountain guides, of nature lovers who share their knowledge with enthusiasm.

This is an easy hike in a valley mountain character, dotted with small villages preserved and timeless. For a nice loop you go to a ravine in which you can find pyritic ammonites and belemnites rostra. There are many, generally well preserved.

Materials Needed : A pair of walking shoes (open sandals unauthorized), 1,5 liter of water per person, sunglasses, rainwear (style K-Way), something to eat if you go with children. Chamois for hiking and Sunset, add : a snack, warm clothing (pants, a fleece for the return), lamp (Optional).

Practical information

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