"The Alps in Provence"
Relaxation, sports, visits ... as a couple, with your family, or your tribe ... make your choice with Les Rives du Lac !

ULM at the base of Chevallet

With pilots experienced instructors ULM center BLUE ALPINE, latest generation of tilting edge ULM equipped with all safety, discover the Buëch valley.

First flights :

Take a flight to a flight 15 to 20 mn. The passenger is in constant communication with the pilot through the intercom.

Once the flight baptism performed, if you enjoyed the experience, you can go for a vol d’initiation, After a short briefing.

discovery walks :

A vol 35 to 40 mn from the’aerodrome Aspres on Buëch.

Great tour
A vol 50 to 55 mn.

your pilot, true professional air, will be accompanied by an attendant giving you the keys to discover more or less hidden treasures of the Buëch valley.


Such : 06 82 49 00 25

Practical information

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