"The Alps in Provence"
Relaxation, sports, visits ... as a couple, with your family, or your tribe ... make your choice with Les Rives du Lac !

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Title Category Address Description
127 Market Veynes Markets 44.534994,5.823929 On Thursday morning
126 Marché de Forcalquier Markets 43.959708,5.780182 Monday morning
125 Market Lus la Croix Haute Markets 44.665936,5.705423 On Sunday morning
124 Market Gap Markets 44.559955,6.079203 Saturday morning
123 Badminton Tennis/badminton 44.535025, 5.833230 3 sessions per week
122 Tennis Tennis/badminton 44.533078, 5.814332 2 Tennis courts, inscription au camping
121 D01 - D06 Discovery Tours 6 tours departing Rives du Lac
120 C 04 05 07 10 12 13 20 Intermediate bike 7 intermediate circuits departing Rives du Lac
119 C 01 02 03 Velum easily 3 easy routes departing Rives du Lac
118 C 19 Difficult bike Around the Lake
117 C 18 Difficult bike The three-necked
116 C 06 08 09 11 14 15 16 17 21 22 Difficult bike 10 difficult circuits departing Rives du Lac
115 ATV 23 Intermediate ATV Tower Aulp
114 ATV 21 Intermediate ATV Far Bayard
113 ATV 11 Intermediate ATV Rando factor
112 ATV 06 08 09 12 14 Intermediate ATV 5 intermediate circuits departing Rives du Lac
111 ATV 25 Easy MB Ceuze
110 ATV 18 Easy MB Col Peyssier
109 ATV 15 Easy MB Lachaud
108 ATV 04 Easy MB Balconies of Ceuze
107 ATV 01 02 03 07 Easy MB 4 easy routes departing Rives du Lac
106 ATV 24 Difficult ATV Under the Duffre
105 ATV 22 Difficult ATV The Bans
104 ATV 20 Difficult ATV The borders of Champsaur
103 ATV 19 Difficult ATV Tower Aujour
102 ATV 17 Difficult ATV Le Grand Villard
101 ATV 16 Difficult ATV Boud Elle
100 ATV 13 Difficult ATV Balconies Mountains
99 ATV 10 Difficult ATV Col des Tours
98 ATV 05 Difficult ATV Ceuze and Ceuzette
97 Camping les Rives du Lac 44.519562,5.798764
96 Vultures Wildlife
95 Chamois to Sauvas Wildlife
94 Paragliding Orcieres Paragliding
93 Marmottes Wildlife
92 Farm Col Farms, craft
91 Farm Jassines Farms, craft
90 Ferme de la Montagne Farms, craft
89 Ferme du Coq and ane Farms, craft
88 Ferme de la Beaumette Farms, craft
87 Apiland Farms, craft
86 Farm and Distillery river of Aromas Farms, craft
85 Chevrerie of Ceuze Farms, craft
84 Ferme of Lavande Farms, craft
83 Les Rives du Lac Restaurant Simple and fresh
82 La Seraphine Restaurant Gourmet restaurant
81 L'Aubepine Restaurant Fine dining and gourmet
80 Ferme Auberge du Bridge Restaurant Farm products
79 Hostel Moissiere Restaurant Dining in a magical place
78 Quo Vadis Glider Glider with multiple world champion
77 La Motte du Caire Via ferrata Via Ferrata Sportive
76 La Berche Via ferrata Via ferrata Decouverte
75 The Sautet Via ferrata Via ferrata Decouverte
74 The Straits Via ferrata Via ferrata Decouverte
73 The Agnielle Gorges Via ferrata Via Ferrata enfants
72 The Cave of the Resurrection Speleology Caving children
71 The Well of Banks Speleology Caving discovery
70 Lus La Jarjatte Roll'Herbe/Deval'Kart Trotinette sur herbe
69 Valdrome Roll'Herbe/Deval'Kart Deval'Kart & trotinette
68 Sigottier Escalation Climbing all levels
67 Ceuze Escalation Climbing for experts
66 La Roche des Arnauds Escalation Climbing all levels
65 Bridge the Dame Escalation Climbing all levels
64 The Mussels Canyoning Canyoning sportif
63 Rabou Canyoning Canyoning initiation
62 Roanette Canyoning Canyoning initiation
61 Rio Sourd Canyoning Canyoning initiation
60 Aiguebelle Canyoning Canyoning enfants
59 The Devil's Kettle Canyoning Canyoning enfants
58 Eau Vive Passion Rafting, Kayak L'have the Legend !
57 Eau Vive Passion Rafting, Kayak Drac in the spring and early summer
56 Eau Vive Passion Rafting, Kayak Severaise the family in the Ecrins
55 Base du Rabioux
54 Ski avec RCKM Rafting, Kayak Navigate on the Durance !
53 Gap Aventures Accrobranche
52 Accrolac Accrobranche A 300m du camping !
51 Serre Poncon Adventure Accrobranche While swimming in the Bay Saint Michel
50 Jungle Laye Accrobranche The largest and dizzying acrobatic forest in Europe
49 Accrobranche Accrobranche Accompanied by a guide
48 La Ferme du Coq and ane Equitation Hiking with a donkey
47 Equisoleil Equitation A juste 300m du camping !
46 Vers la Jarjatte Bathing Cool off after a hike
45 Pots Devil Bathing Reassemble the canyon !
44 Water plan Veynes Bathing At the campsite !
43 Gorges of Meouge Bathing Beautiful and Fun
42 Cascade of Rabou Bathing Very wild part
41 Torrent de Maraize Bathing In the village of Saix
40 Petit Bu Bathing A 100m du camping !
39 R05 Intermediate hike Col de Cuberselle
38 R03 Challenging hike L'Oule since Veynes
37 R34 Easy hike The Duffre
36 R14 Intermediate hike Pic of Ceuze
35 R32 Easy hike Above Serres
34 R33 Intermediate hike Mount St Genis
33 R29 Intermediate hike Crete des Beaumes
32 R27 Intermediate hike The Gorges du Rif
31 R30 Easy hike Le Puits des Bans
30 R25 Intermediate hike Pierre Baudinard
29 R19 Easy hike Discovery of Mere Eglise
28 R02 Intermediate hike L'Oule from St Auban
27 R41 Intermediate hike Lake Lauzon
26 R37 Easy hike Col de la Croix
25 R15 Challenging hike Around the Puy
24 R31 Easy hike Mount Chabre
23 R23 Easy hike Observation chamois
22 R18 Challenging hike Pic de Bure
21 R22 Easy hike The neck of the Aup
20 R26 Intermediate hike Vallon d'Ane
19 R38 Intermediate hike Col des Aiguilles from Lus
18 R28 Intermediate hike Col de Rabou
17 R36 Challenging hike The Mountain Aujour
16 R08 Intermediate hike Loop Clausonne
15 R07 Intermediate hike Le Fai
14 R40 Intermediate hike Pots Devil
13 R20 Intermediate hike Col de Conode
12 R35 Intermediate hike The montagne
11 R42 Easy hike The Longeagne
10 R21 Challenging hike The Pic de Bure from Joue du Loup
09 R24 Intermediate hike Col d'Aune
08 R13 Intermediate hike Col Lauteret
07 R06 Intermediate hike Clay
06 R04 Easy hike Around Furmeyer
05 R17 Easy hike Breche Charance
04 R16 Easy hike Park Charance
03 R12 Intermediate hike Col des Aiguilles
02 R11 Easy hike Cabane Rama
01 R01 R09 R10 Easy hike Easy hikes from the campsite
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