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Trail 12 Tower Head Pin

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A very pretty wild ride, in the valley of Lauteret all d & rsquo; first, which offers a beautiful view of the d & rsquo head; Aurouze (Massif de Bure). fairly regular and obvious rise, either by following the GR, either via multiple paths d & rsquo; animals.
Reaching col, descent of the & rsquo; other side still following the GR94 until & rsquo; the Vallon Pass Laup.
As, two options : either follow the path down a bit towards the “Square tower”. Either turn immediately right and follow the trail (obvious but unmarked) following the fall line and going up & rsquo; at the bottom of the valley Laup. C & rsquo; is this second option that is indicated on the GPX track.
Jump up & rsquo; to “Square tower” to enjoy the view. Retrace your steps for about 50m, and then climb right up slope & rsquo; at the peak. Chamois scored beautiful trails !
Follow the crest North East up & rsquo; a small summit, and take good right up & rsquo; to “Col du Grand Vallon”.
Once the collar, clear path on the left and which recovers the trail coming from the collar Plate Contier.

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