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Trail 03 Around the head Pin

A very pretty wild ride, in the valley of Lauteret all d & rsquo; first, which offers a beautiful view of the d & rsquo head; Aurouze (Massif de Bure). fairly regular and obvious rise, either by following the GR, either via multiple paths d & rsquo; animals.
Reaching col, descent of the & rsquo; other side still following the GR94 until & rsquo; the Vallon Pass Laup.
As, two options : either follow the path down a bit towards the "Square Tower". Either turn immediately right and follow the trail (obvious but unmarked) following the fall line and going up & rsquo; at the bottom of the valley Laup. C & rsquo; is this second option that is indicated on the GPX track.
Go to the "Square Tower" to enjoy the view. Retrace your steps for about 50m, and then climb right up slope & rsquo; at the peak. Chamois scored beautiful trails !
Follow the crest North East up & rsquo; a small summit, and take good right to the "Col du Grand Vallon".
Once the collar, clear path on the left and which recovers the trail coming from the collar Plate Contier.

To view the route, the uneven, GPS download file or download the full rundown on the & rsquo; SityTrail Application, cliquez here !

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