"The Alps in Provence"
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VTT32 Aspremont

From the campsite, single sequence tracks more or less technical. The beautiful mountain bike over a relatively short distance.
classic Departure towards Eygaux, underpass County and the railway track. A Saint Marcelin, Grenoble take the road 50m then turn left on the forest road. The path joins another track that climbs even before joining the paved d & rsquo road; access to Eygaux. Turn left then immediately right the forest road that goes up towards the North West. short climb but pretty rough. Up, suivree on the left on a flat road. At the end of this road, do not follow the right but take the single track that descends to the left. Jolie technical descent, crossing down a road to go in front. Another beautiful descent. Arriving on the road from Aspres in Veynes. Turn left and after 50m, a small sign indicates “Aspremont” on the right. Follow this Single taking 50m further on the right. Long single interesting.
The Single leads to a forest road that & rsquo; we must follow to reach the road from Aspremont in Veynes. Turn left a fairly steady climb up & rsquo; top tray. Attention, many paths on the board, simply follow the GPS track !! Descent on a single that takes you back to the starting point and the panel “Aspremont”.
Turn right on the road and follow left on deck “The Eygaux”. Follow the forest road up & rsquo; top of the plateau and then treat yourself one last time on your bike down on the plan & rsquo; water !!
To view the route, the uneven, GPS download file or download the full rundown on the & rsquo; SityTrail Application, cliquez here !

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